Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I am really slacking on the piece a day thing. I had some really important stuff to do on Sunday like watching the Steelers beat the Ravens!!!!!

Anyway this is an older piece - "moon-tide"

Process: A bucket of acrylic paint was thrown at a fluted canvas.

This piece is Acrylic on raw canvas which shows the paint's inertia once the projectile comes in contact with the surface. Two forces working with the placement of paint are its centrifugal force (splat force) and gravity. Since the canvas was on the wall during the application of the paint, the harder the paint is thrown at the canvas the less the marks are affected by gravity. This particular piece (particular viscosity of the paint) also shows gravity pulling the paint downward after its initial surface contact.

Approx. 15 ounces of paint was used in this particular piece of which 14.5 ounces did not make the surface. The extra paint was needed to make this particular mark.

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