Tuesday, January 13, 2009

1st piece

This is one of six paintings which I made last night. I have done similar pieces in the past but this time I tweaked the process a bit.

I find beauty stemming from unintentional marks left by a human, naturall-formed marks or the interaction of the two.

Unintentional marks can range from the formation of cracks in a freeway to the scrape-marks left in the bottom of a bowl of mashed potatoes. Since the freeway is built for the transportation of vehicles and not the formation of cracks, the marks are therefore unintentional. In the same sense, the mashed potatoe remnants left at the bottom of the bowl were created with the intent of fulfilling an appetite and not drawing with the tip of the spoon. Again, the intention is not within the formation of marks. The randomness which occurs when these marks are made I find as organically beautiful as the shape of a flower.

In this piece a 16" chain was placed flat on the surface where ink was then poured on top. My objective was to pick the chain up off of the surface with a pair of chop-sticks. The percision involved with the chop-sticks took my focus away from the actual marks being made causing the final marks on the surface to remain pure.


  1. I title this piece: Ballerina

    Love it.

  2. This reminds me of an exercise my fencing instructor used to insist we do... try to eat a bowl of cheerios with a pair of chopsticks. it was a test of precision, balance, and of course patience. its like, you're referencing the practice of the process while practicing the process in this piece. you're so post-modern!!!